A Showcase For Some of The Apps I’m Working On (Coming soon to an iTunes Store near you!)


This was originally planned as a proof of concept, and was quite a learning experience.  The plan was to find out if the iPhone could decode BPSK31 signals via it’s built-in microphone.  This was my first real iPhone / iPod touch app, and it was a challenge, I ended up re-writing it 3 times, I finally got the audio performance I needed on the 3rd re-write with RemoteIO and OpenAL.  It was a challenge, the long term plan is to clean it up and try to get it on the iTunes App Store as a freebie and an intro to my full blown RX and TX iPSK app (see below).  I’ve held off sending it to the App store, as I want the UI to be similar to the full product, and the UI changes needed to support transmit functionality are extreme to say the least.

PSK Decoder

Having proven that the iPhone is capable of decoding BPSK31 in real time I’ve set out to build an app that incorporates a more traditional waterfall driven PSK31 encoder/decoder app using the unique user interface of the iPhone.  Eventually, my hope is for this to be a paid app in the App Store.  I should have released it over a month ago, but it has been suffering from a bad case of feature creep.  All I’ll say for now, is that it is a lot smoother looking and functioning than what’s pictured in the screen grab of the simulator running the decoder above.

iPSK (or something equally clever in name)